what is brake by wire?
how it works
which cars have it?
the future

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This site tries to explain what brake by wire is, what it means for car safety, which cars offer it, and what it means for the automotive industry.

brake In short, brake by wire is a new form of transferring the power of a cars' brake pedal to the cars' brakes. This is now usually done with hydraulic systems, or -for larger vehicles such as trucks and buses- with compressed air. "By wire" means to say that the new system transfers the power electronically instead of mechanical.

In the near future, with the further development of hydrogen technologie, and consequently hydrogen powered cars, many new systems such as brake by wire will be introduced into our cars, changing it beyond recognicion within a few years. The underlying factor here is that the move towards electronics so as to save weight in the construction of the car.

On the other hand, electronics allow for new, sophisticated safety systems, such as brake assist, which has been introduced a few years ago. Other examples of new safety technologies made possible through the development towards electronics are: crash avoidance and vehicle guidance. These are expected to be introduced within a few years.  what is brake by wire?  history  how it works  advantages  which cars have it?  the future