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Using electro-mechanical brakes has several advantages.

Its main benefit is that it is able to react more quickly, resulting in shorter stopping distances and increased safety. At the moment there is an intermediairy system available, brake assist, that offers this increased speed on conventiional, hydraulic brakes.

Since there are no mechanical parts, brake by wire systems are also totally silent, and do not have the vibration felt through the brake pedal and normally associated with antilock brakes.

Yet another reason for its increased appeal among automotive manufacturers is that it takes up much less physical space, which is an important factor considering how tight engine compartments have become.

Also, since there is no corrosive brake fluid involved, brake by wire systems are considered less damaging to the environment.

Finally, brake by wire, as all x-by-wire systems, through there lower weight and need for electrical power instead of mechanical power, facilitate the introduction of hybrid and fuel cell powered vehicles.

On the other hand, researchers have expressed some concern at the lack of understanding most people have about current automotive technology. Surveys have shown that most drivers feel that cars produced today already have very good braking systems and are therefore reluctant to pay more for brake by wire technology. There are currently no government regulations requiring their adoption, so unless manufacturers can convince consumers of their superior performance and safety, there may be little consumer demand for x-by-wire technology in the near future.  what is brake by wire?  history  how it works  advantages  which cars have it?  the future