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Some researchers predict that cars using brake by wire technology will eventually brake in the event of dangerous situations, even if the driver takes no action. Not only the control of the brakes, but even control of the steering wheel, through so-called vehicle guidance will eventually make it possible that cars act independent of the driver, as has been predicted in science-fiction movies for many years.

It is also hoped that more advanced safety systems will be able to take advantage of brake by wire technology and improve safety and stability by allowing the car to control the brakes on each wheel independently.

As the technology evolves, industry analysts predict that eventually all mechanical and hydraulic systems will be replaced with electronic versions.

Apart from the inherent advantages of brake by wire systems themselves, the fact that brake by wire, and many other new control systems, gain weight and need electric power instead of mechanical power, plays an important role in the future of the automibile industry. These advantages make it possible that cars will soon be powered by fuel cells, solar cells, or other environment-friendly sources of electricity.  what is brake by wire?  history  how it works  advantages  which cars have it?  the future